La gourmandise n'est plus un péché !

Located directly in the heart of the belgian "Ardennes", Gilfi is your partner for desserts with 40 years of enthusiasm in providing confectionery delights.
While proud of its innovative flavoursome creations, Gilfi also shares a love of the classical ice cream treats, individual iced desserts, cakes and crème bavaroise dishes.

Gilfi has gained renown over the years in terms of its quality and value for money, aspects that include its customers just as much as the many professional confectioners and resellers.
Premium quality ingredients, milk and cream directly from the diary - all of these combine to produce a natural, authentic taste.
Traditional ice cream at Gilfi means not only the classic favourites but also a whole range of unusal flavours : so called "parfums".

From exquisite ice cream to sorbets made from pure fruit to variations with spices or alcohol, quality and originality at Gilfi always go hand in hand.With more than 200 parfums, it is difficult to list or even describe them. The best is simply to try them - and there's always the trill of discovering a completely new ice cream.

Good to know :)
Since 2014, 300 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the entire surface of the roof.
These reduce CO2 emissions by 30 %.

Since 2012, we produce ice cream for FAIRBEL.
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